Monday, 22 October 2012

Down Below

I went for a walk fairly far south tonight, a lot farther than normal at least. I had wanted to take some photos of the CN trainyard but I did not get a chance to investigate just how close I could get to it. Perhaps another day I will be able to do that. However, I did follow a small road that went under this bridge and really liked the location. The photos were not great, but the grittiness of the location worked well for me.

These pylons were simply impressive. I will have to come back and take more photos near them. However, the humming was a little off-putting.


  1. Some of these look like daytime!
    I used to live down there, if you need help getting to the trainyards let me know, it's a fascinating place.

    1. There was a light that was pretty bright there. Sadly it was difficult to deal with as it was so bright, and everything else was so dark.
      I will have to go up to the trainyard and see how it looks, but if you know any obvious places to check out, let me know. I like trains and would love to get closer.