Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A trip to Hog's Back Falls

My walk tonight was a fair bit longer than I expected and sadly I was not overly happy with the photos I managed to take. There seemed to be something a little bit wrong, something I was unhappy with, in every photo. Today I wandered from Billings Bridge to Hog's Back Falls. It was actually quite a journey as the roads were under heavy construction along Heron and navigating the sidewalks was a bit of a disaster. But once I got there it was worth it. The falls are as impressive as I remembered, the force of the water is pretty amazing and wandering around in the dark nearby them was a little bit creepy and weird.

They lined up so well, I had to take a photo.

An interesting crossing. You can really feel the water flowing beneath  your feet

Damn mist 

I really liked these tunnels for some reason

The barriers are pretty high, even with my tripod fully extended I was not able to get a photograph that did not include the railing


  1. I like those tunnels too!
    I remember biking under them many many times on my trips from The Sun to The Glebe... Aw..

  2. I think I need to find more tunnels. Everything is better in them.

    In this case it was one of the few places with enough light to do anything. It was incredibly dark on the falls side tonight. I really could not see much.