Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Streets, parking lots and neat buildings

I went out on a photo mission last night but about 10 minutes after leaving I realized I had forgotten my SD card in my computer. I decided to do some investigation and found a few locations I liked so I decided to head out again tonight.  I am posting quite a few photos and I admit many of them are pretty mediocre but there is always something I like about each one, even if overall the photos did not work very well.
Outside Riverside Hospital

1961, Railway overpass on Smyth Rd

View up the embankment

I just liked this building looming over Smyth Rd

Look down at the Transitway

Ramp off of Riverside Dr

Riverside Dr

Looking back towards Billings Bridge

Rideau River Dr

Main St turning into Smyth Rd


They don't want me in here.

Danger, Danger, High Voltage...

I thought the clouds were pretty much perfect for taking photos of an industrial type location tonight. Very ominous looking.

This building is pretty nondescript from the front but I love the rest of it (also, it is full of cool switches and machinery. The view through the windows was rather tantalising)

Riverdale Ave near Main St

Main St and Riverdale Ave

Monday, 24 September 2012

Paths at Night

Tonight I went for a walk along the northern side of the Rideau River.  Most of this area runs behind houses so technically I did not get many photos that include streets but I think I will post them anyway.  Paths are just streets for pedestrians.  I did not get very far though.  After taking a few night sky photographs I started having problems with dew and had to call it a night.  I will have to make a longer trip some other night.
Quite the poet

Billings Bridge, lots of work being done on it lately

A little path. I would have followed it but it was extremely dark.

Looking across toward Riverside Dr

I am sure this is not scary during the day, but there was no way I was going to follow this tonight.  I would have probably tripped and broken my camera or myself.

Mist on the water.  Billings Bridge in the background

View of the sky from Windsor Park

Sky #2, Is that the Pleiades in the center area? I really need to improve my knowledge of the night sky.

Sky #3, looks like you can possibly see some of the faint stars and nebulosity of M42.  Look just below Orion's Belt.

Windsor Park and Windsor Ave

Windsor Ave #2

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Short Wanderings

I decided to go out and take some photos tonight as it had been some time since my last post.  Originally I had planned to wander all the way over to Riverside and Bronson, or even Hog's Back Falls, in order to take some photos of historic buildings in that area.  However, I found that my batteries were low so I stayed closer to home.  Besides, it was getting pretty late.

Dead End, Leslie Ave

Kilborn Ave

Another of Kilborn Ave

Looking down Kilborn Pl.  Oh Canada!

Quiet neighbourhood with lots of big houses. No sidewalks.  Not a pedestrian's dream. Lamira St

Another on Lamira St.  I like the walled yard.

Lots of cars and light

Pleasant Park station

Friday, 7 September 2012

Station Mont-Royal

I have been in Montreal for the last few days.  Sadly I have not had many opportunities to take photographs at night.  This evening I had my camera but no tripod so I did not expect to take any photographs.  However, with the help of a lamp post I was able to take these two before getting on the train and heading back to the hotel.