Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Streets, parking lots and neat buildings

I went out on a photo mission last night but about 10 minutes after leaving I realized I had forgotten my SD card in my computer. I decided to do some investigation and found a few locations I liked so I decided to head out again tonight.  I am posting quite a few photos and I admit many of them are pretty mediocre but there is always something I like about each one, even if overall the photos did not work very well.
Outside Riverside Hospital

1961, Railway overpass on Smyth Rd

View up the embankment

I just liked this building looming over Smyth Rd

Look down at the Transitway

Ramp off of Riverside Dr

Riverside Dr

Looking back towards Billings Bridge

Rideau River Dr

Main St turning into Smyth Rd


They don't want me in here.

Danger, Danger, High Voltage...

I thought the clouds were pretty much perfect for taking photos of an industrial type location tonight. Very ominous looking.

This building is pretty nondescript from the front but I love the rest of it (also, it is full of cool switches and machinery. The view through the windows was rather tantalising)

Riverdale Ave near Main St

Main St and Riverdale Ave


  1. Omg, these pics are awesome!

    It is so awesome to see Ottawa from this perspective. Do you sell any of your shots?

  2. I am just a guy with a camera, an amateur, so I have not put much thought into selling prints. However, whenever I upload them to DeviantArt I do submit them to a service that allows people to purchase them (I have not used it, I do not know what their quality is like, but they have the service). Check out

    However I should look for other solutions.