Sunday, 2 September 2012

Around the Neighbourhood

I took a walk around my neighbourhood tonight and tried to take a few photos.  Not all of them turned out well but there are a few interesting spots such as the Transitway station and Riverside Hospital that offer some interesting lighting.  Anywhere, here they are:
Pleasant Park Station - Transitway

Riverside Dr

Transitway and overpass leading to the hospital

Road leading up to the hospital

Pleasant Park and Riverside Dr

Slightly different view of the previous corner

Looking down Riverside Dr toward Bank St

Long exposures lead to trouble

Neil Way, looking up from Riverside Dr

Corner of Riverside Dr and Neil Way.  I just liked the colour of the sky and the trees

The road diverges

Apartments off of Riverside Dr
Leslie Ave
Riverside Dr, Riverside Hospital, and the Riverside Transitway station

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