Monday, 24 September 2012

Paths at Night

Tonight I went for a walk along the northern side of the Rideau River.  Most of this area runs behind houses so technically I did not get many photos that include streets but I think I will post them anyway.  Paths are just streets for pedestrians.  I did not get very far though.  After taking a few night sky photographs I started having problems with dew and had to call it a night.  I will have to make a longer trip some other night.
Quite the poet

Billings Bridge, lots of work being done on it lately

A little path. I would have followed it but it was extremely dark.

Looking across toward Riverside Dr

I am sure this is not scary during the day, but there was no way I was going to follow this tonight.  I would have probably tripped and broken my camera or myself.

Mist on the water.  Billings Bridge in the background

View of the sky from Windsor Park

Sky #2, Is that the Pleiades in the center area? I really need to improve my knowledge of the night sky.

Sky #3, looks like you can possibly see some of the faint stars and nebulosity of M42.  Look just below Orion's Belt.

Windsor Park and Windsor Ave

Windsor Ave #2

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